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Mais Australia – Terms & Conditions

Below are our terms and conditions. By using our services, you agree to all of our terms and conditions.

1 About us

1.1 OCA Fair Trade Pty Limited trading as Mais Australia Education and Tourism (ABN 99 147 650 682) is an agency specialising in educational consultancy in Australia.

1.2 We are not an education institution and do not, ourselves, provide any courses. Instead we can link you with established and recognised education institutions in Australia.

1.3 Our aim is to assist you in finding the most suitable course and education institution to your needs.

2 Process

2.1 Once you have chosen a course, we will provide you with the relevant application form to complete to enrol in the course.

2.2 If you are accepted into the course, you may need to sign an agreement with the education institution you have chosen and pay any applicable fees, as required by the education institution.

3 Authority

3.1 You give us authority to lodge, on your behalf, any application, information or documentation, provided to us for that reason, with any relevant organisation, including, without limitation, any education institution or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

4 Accuracy of information

4.1 You acknowledge and agree that you are legally responsible for all information you provide us.

4.2 You warrant that all information and documentation you provide us is true, correct and complete.

5 Timeframe

5.1 You acknowledge that the final processing of all applications is conducted by the relevant organisation and that we have no control over the timing of the processing of applications. Delays may happen with the processing of applications, but these are not our responsibility.

5.2 We will make all reasonable efforts to lodge all applications in a timely manner. However, we do not guarantee any timeframe for the processing of any application and we take no responsibility for any delay caused by your late provision of any necessary documentation or any delay in processing by the relevant organisation.

6 Visas

6.1 We can assist you with your application for a visa to be in Australia to undertake a course, for no additional fee.

6.2 While we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information we provide to you is correct and current, to the fullest extent allowed by law, we disclaim all responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by the accuracy or currency of the information provided by us.

6.3 You acknowledge that we will lodge your application based on the information you provide us and in accordance with your instructions. We disclaim all responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by any incorrect application lodged in accordance with your instructions.

7 Outcome of application

7.1 You acknowledge and agree that the final processing of all applications is conducted by the relevant organisation and that we have no control over the outcome of any such applications.

7.2 You acknowledge and agree that our advice and the outcome of your applications, whether for a course or for a visa, is based on the information and documentation you provide us.

7.3 While we provide you with information and assist you with your decisions, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you are applying for the correct course and/or visa, that you satisfy any eligibility requirements and that your application is true and correct.

7.4 We disclaim all responsibility for an unsuccessful application or any consequences arising from an incorrect application lodged in accordance with your instructions.

8 Accommodation

8.1 We may provide you with a list of accommodation providers in Australia based on your needs.

8.2 You acknowledge that we are not affiliated with, or endorse the services of, any of the accommodation providers and are not responsible for the availability, pricing, condition or quality of such accommodation.

9 Advertising & links to external websites

9.1 Our website may, from time to time, display advertising and/or links to other websites. You acknowledge that:

9.1.1 we have no control over any of the content of any such external site;

9.1.2 we do not in any way endorse any content on external websites or any advertised products or organisations; and

9.1.3 you use any external websites or advertised products at your own risk. We disclaim all responsibility or liability for any of the content of any external site, its accuracy, reliability or suitability to your needs and for any loss or damage caused by the use of such external websites or any advertised products.

9.2 We would recommend that you always read carefully any terms and conditions of all external websites or products, as they may differ from our terms of use.

10 Compliance with law

10.1 We, at all times, will seek to comply with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 (Cth) and the National Code of Practice 2007 made under and forming part of the Act.

11 Goods & services tax

11.1 You acknowledge and agree that if the goods and services tax (GST), as defined in the A New Tax System (Goods and Services) Act 1999 (Cth) (GST Act), applies to the provision of anything to you, any fees quoted on our website are stated inclusive of GST. A tax invoice will be issued in respect of any taxable supply made to you, in accordance with the GST Act.

12 Privacy policy

12.1 We agree to comply with the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Those principles deal with the collection and disclosure of information regarding individuals in Australia.

12.2 We may collect personal information about you that you voluntarily provide us or authorise us to obtain from third parties. However, we never have access to, nor do we collect or store, your credit card details.

12.3 We may collect non-personal information about you when you access our website through click stream data recorded automatically by our web server or through the use of cookies. Cookies are small data files stored on your computer which record certain aspects of your experience, for example, they may record certain areas of the site visited, to ensure that certain information such as your username does not have to be re-entered and to ensure that your browser is compatible. If you do not wish for cookies to store such information, you may disallow cookies on your web browser or delete cookies from your hard drive.

12.4 We may collect your personal information for the following reasons:

12.4.1 to allow any relevant organisation to process your application;

12.4.2 for billing, investigating or resolving any disputes relating to our services;

12.4.3 for analysis, planning, research, product development and strategic, financial and other business purposes in relation to our activities; and

12.4.4 to inform you about any updates.

12.5 We will not disclose any of your personal information to a third party without your knowledge and prior written consent. However, we may disclose any information we collect about you to comply with the law.

12.6 Our website may contain links to third party websites. You acknowledge that our privacy terms only apply to our website and that these third party websites may have their own privacy policies, which could differ from ours. You should always check the third party’s privacy policy, if any, before submitting any personal data to the third party’s website. We disclaim all responsibility and liability for the content and effect of the policies of third parties, or the absence of such policies.

12.7 If you would like more information about the way we manage your personal information or to request access to the personal information we hold about you, please contact us by email at info@maisaustralia.com. We will handle your requests in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

13 Alternative dispute resolution

13.1 In the event of a dispute with you, we will use our best endeavours to resolve the dispute with you, without resorting to any litigation of any sort. You should also do likewise.

13.2 If a dispute cannot be resolved within a reasonable period of time, a mediator may be appointed to resolve the dispute. You will be responsible, and agree to pay us, for all costs relating to any necessary mediation of the dispute.

13.3 Before commencing proceedings in any court, the above procedure should be followed in all instances, without exception, unless we seek urgent relief in a Court.

14 Entire terms

14.1 These terms and conditions are the only provisions governing our relationship with you. No other warranties, brochures, promotional and/or other material form part of our legal arrangement with you.

14.2 If, however, the law offers us greater protection from liability than these terms and conditions, then we will receive the benefit of any such greater protection offered by law.

15 Governing law & jurisdiction

15.1 Our relationship with you is governed by the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia. The courts and tribunals of the State of Victoria, Australia have exclusive jurisdiction over matters arising between us, you and any third parties.

16 Force majeure

16.1 We shall not be held liable to you for the failure to perform our obligations for reasons out of our control (eg riots, terrorism and natural disasters).

17 Variation

17.1 We may vary these terms and conditions at any time and/or from time to time, to ensure compliance with the law or otherwise.

17.2 You agree to any new terms and conditions we post on our website, from the time they are posted.

17.3 The fact that you may not know about our changed terms and conditions cannot be used as a defence to the application of the amended terms of use to our relationship with you.