Terms and Conditions

By Registering as a Member or by utilising any Membership Facilities such as your Card or claiming any Member Benefit, you agree to be bound by, and your participation in Mais Club Rewards will be governed by, these Terms and Conditions.

      1. Membership

  1. To become a Member you must be an individual, have a current Australianresidential address and complete the online join process on our partner’s Website at www.rewardle.com or by attending our office premises on level 5, 99 King street, Melbourne VIC 300.
  2. If you do not wish to Register to become a Member you may not be able to take advantage of any Member Benefits.
  3. There is no joining fee or any ongoing annual fee to become or remain a Member.
  4. We may refuse your application for Membership or your request to add additional Cardholders for any reason.
  5. There is a limit of one Card per person.
  6. Membership is non-transferable.
  7. It is your responsibility to keep your personal details updated by logging intoyour Account or calling the Contact Centre. If you do not keep your personal details up to date, we may not be able to offer or provide you with any Member Benefits, and we may need to cancel your Membership and Card.


  1. Scanning your card or entering your card number when paying your tuition fees
    1. In order to earn Member Benefits and to redeem your Mais Points for money offyour tuition payments, you need to pay your tuition fees to Mais Australia and send the proof of payment to [email protected] , you need to make sure that your Card has been Linked in your Online account prior to making a payment.
    2. Everything in these Terms and Conditions referring to the earning of Mais Points and the redemption of Mais Points for money off your tuition payments must be subject to clause 2.1.
  2. Earning Mais Points
    1. You can earn Mais Points as follows:
    2. a) you will earn a minimum of 3 Point for every one hundred dollars you spend on tuition fees as long as the payments are made to Mais Australia’s bank account;
    3. b) you will earn the number of Mais Points advertised when you sign up for a special offer or join a special promotion;
    4. c) from time to time we may also send you exclusive personalised offers to earn Mais Points based on your individual profile. These offers will only be available to you on your Card; and
    5. d) from time to time we may run promotions allowing you to earn Mais Points on your purchases at Mais Australia otherwise than as described in clauses a), b) and c).
    6. 1 Point is equal to $1 Australian Dollars.
    7. The maximum permitted value of credit in your Account is 1,000 Mais Points.
    8. Mais Australia may at any time change, add to or make deletions from the list ofExcluded Purchases.

4.Redemption of Mais Points for money off your tuition fee

  1. Mais Points can be redeemed in multiples of $10 australian dollars (or such other multiples as notified by Mais Australia from time to time), e.g. $10 australian Dollars, $20 australian Dollars, $30 australian Dollars.
  2. 1 Mais Point equals one AUD $1 off your next Eligible tuition fee payment. The redemption rate of Mais Points is determined by Mais Australia and may be changed by Mais Australia at any time.
  3. Mais Points can only be redeemed in person by scanning your card at office premises, unless otherwise authorized by Mais Australia.
  4. You can choose the number of Mais Points that you redeem on your next Eligible tuition fee payment.

5.Member Benefits – general terms and conditions

  1. Member Benefits are personal to you and are not transferable, unless we notify you otherwise.
  2. Member Benefits may not be accrued or used for any Business Transaction or other commercial or not-for-profit association purposes.
  3. We do not exchange or refund Member Benefits for anything else, including for cash or gift cards.
  4. We may reverse (debit) or cause to be reversed, any Member Benefits which have been allocated (credited) to you where you have returned the goods or you have been refunded for the goods or services in respect of which those Member Benefits were earned, or if there are other grounds which we consider reasonably justify a reversal, including, without limitation, Member Benefits credited erroneously or fraudulently or earned through fraudulent means. Mais Australia reserves the right to monitor your purchase history to ensure that any Member Benefits are accumulated legitimately.

5. Expiry of your Points balance
6. Any unused Points balance in your Account will expire on the 31st of December

of every year.
7. Tracking your Points balance

  1. To track your Points balance, you must check your Account on the Rewardle App.
  2. It may take up to 5 business days for any Mais Club Rewards earned to be shown in your Account.

Deregistering your Rewards Card

1. If you no longer wish to be a Member of the Mais Club Rewards program please contact [email protected]

Rejection, Suspension and Cancellation

  1. Your Card is issued by and remains the property of Mais Australia. Cards are not credit or charge cards and are not transferable.
  2. Mais Australia reserves the right at any time without notice to:
  3. a) decline to issue Cards or provide any Membership Facilities;
  4. b) withdraw or cancel any Cards, Membership Facilities or Member Benefits;
  5. c) reverse any Member Benefits, including without limitation, any Mais Pointscredited to an Account;

6. 7.

  1. d) terminate a Cardholder’s Membership of the Mais Club Rewards program; or
  2. e) terminate the Mais Club Rewards program.
  3. Grounds for doing any of the things referred to in clause 13.2(a) to 13.2(d) include (but are not limited to):
  4. a) any abuse or attempted abuse of your Membership, your Card, the Mais CLub Rewards program or anything associated with Mais Australia;
  5. b) an act or omission contrary to these Terms and Conditions;
  6. c) any Member Benefits which are accumulated fraudulently or credited oraccumulated erroneously;
  7. d) any use or attempted use of your Card or Points balance, or any other MemberBenefits in a manner contrary to these Terms and Conditions;
  8. e) any reasonable suspicion of unacceptable conduct in connection with yourMembership, including any reasonable suspicion of dishonesty, fraud or wrongfulconduct;
  9. g) your bankruptcy or death; or
    1. Any tampering or defacing or unauthorised use of a Card will render the Card invalid.
    2. On cancellation of your Membership (including through requested cancellation of your Card), we may retain your membership information for record-keeping purposes and, in de-identified form, for our general data analysis purposes and we may allocate to another Member any membership identifier (including number) previously allocated to you.
    3. You agree that we do not need to notify you in advance, or give you any reasons, with regard to any action we take concerning your Membership.

8. Mais Australias’ Liability

  1. You acknowledge and agree that there may be:
  2. a) delay in issuing you with, or non-issue to you of, any Member Benefits;
  3. b) delay in, or non-replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged Card;
  4. c) acts, errors or omissions by us in the course of providing Member Benefits(including as referred to in these Terms and Conditions);
  5. d) loss, theft or damage to any documentation in the course of post or delivery ofthat documentation to you; or
  6. e) a suspension and/or termination of the Mais Club Rewards program including,without limitation, the ability for Members to earn and redeem Points, and to the maximum extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to you in any way for any cause in connection with such matters, including without limitation, for any unused Points balance in your Account at the time of termination.
  7. You agree that any comments, suggestions or recommendations you may receive from us or others as part of Member Benefits may not be suitable, accurate or complete and you must not rely on them in a way which may give rise to any loss or damage. If you intend to rely on anything in connection with Mais Club Rewards, your reliance should be based solely on your own judgement including as to the extent to which you should obtain or use any Member Benefits.
  8. Without limiting clause 14.6, any liability we may have to you in negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, and all conditions and warranties as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied by Mais Australia pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, whether express or

implied by statute, are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law, and, where liability cannot be excluded, our liability to you will in all cases be limited to:

9. a) the cost of re-supplying the goods or services or repairing, or paying the costs of repairing, the goods; or

10. b) reinstating the number of Points, or other Member Benefits, in dispute.

  1. The above limitation of liability in Mais Australias’ favour also applies to RelatedBodies Corporate of Mais Australia.
  2. Any tax, liability, or duty incurred by a Member arising from a Member’sparticipation in the Mais Club Rewards program is the responsibility of theMember.
  3. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits your rights under the AustralianConsumer Law.
  4. You acknowledge that unauthorised access to your Card, Account and personalinformation may occur if you do not take care to prevent anyone other than you and us from accessing your Card and information about your Membership, including your Account password.

9. Marketing – your opt-in and opt-out rights

  1. Without limiting any other provision of these Terms and Conditions or ourCollection Notice, you agree that we may send you direct marketing communications and tailored advertising via various channels and media (including, without limitation, by email, SMS, phone, mail, or via ads on social media) where you have not opted out (as described in clause 15.5 below) from receiving such communications and advertising via those channels or media. Your agreement is deemed to be effective until such time as you opt out of receiving direct marketing or tailored advertising via the relevant channel or media.
  2. You may opt-out of receiving direct marketing communications (including opting-out of receiving such communications through certain media, or opting-out of receiving direct marketing communications via certain channels) by modifying your communication preferences on your Account. In the case of certain electronic direct marketing communications (including email or SMS), you may also use the opt-out/unsubscribe facility we provide in that communication or you can call the Contact Centre.

10. Changes to Terms and Conditions and Termination
1. Woolworths reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate these Terms

and Conditions or the Woolworths Rewards program at any time.

11. Complaints and Queries
1. If you have any queries or complaints regarding the Mais Club Rewards

program, you should contact us. You can do this by calling the Contact Centre on 03 9044 6391 or by contacting us via the “Contact Us” page of our Website.

12. Definitions:
13. In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms have the following meaning:

  1. Account means your personal Rewardle account to which you log in through the Rewardle App.
  2. Business Days means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or official public holiday in VIctoria.
  3. Business Transaction means the purchase of goods or services from Mais Australia
  4. Card means a Registered Mais Club Rewards membership card issued by us that is linked to your Rewardle Account, whether in a plastic, electronic (virtual) or other form.
  5. Cardholder means the Member to which a particular Card is Registered.
  6. Contact Centre means the contact centre operated by or on behalf of MaisAustralia for the purposes of the Mais Club Rewards program and contactableon 03 9044 6391.
  7. Eligible Shop means any transaction where you sign up for a course inAustralia at Mais Australia
  8. Linked , in respect of your Online account, means that you have linked yourCard number with your Online account.
  9. Member means a person who has Registered his or her Mais Club Rewardscard and Membership has a corresponding meaning.
  10. Member Benefits are benefits which we specify from time to time in connection with Mais Club Rewards including, without limitation, Points, the other Member Benefits specified in clause 5 of these Terms and Conditions and any other benefits we may make available to Members from time to time.
  11. Membership Facility means any means by which you access Mais Club Rewards (including any Member Benefits) including, but not limited to, your Card, the Rewardle app, the Website or any other smartphone application or digital wallet authorised by us.
  12. Online means Mais Australia Online at www.maisaustralia.com.au
  13. Points , whereby 1 Point equals $1 Australian Dollars.
  14. Primary Card has the meaning given to it in clause 8.8(b) of these Terms andConditions.
  15. Primary Cardholder has the meaning given to it in clause 8.8(b) of theseTerms and Conditions.
  16. Program Affiliates has the meaning given to it in clause 5.1 of these Termsand Conditions.
  17. QFF Terms has the meaning given in clause 9.5.
  18. Quarter means the 3 month intervals as advertised by Mais Australia on theWebsite from time to time.
  19. Registered means that you have registered your Mais Club Rewardsmembership card on the Rewardle App or by calling the Contact Centre and Register , Registering and other similar expressions have a corresponding meaning.
  1. Related Bodies Corporate has the same meanings as in the Corporations Act 2001.
  2. Terms and Conditions means this document, and any other documents referred to in it.
  3. Website means the Mais Club Rewards website at maisaustralia.com.au.
  4. Mais Australia means Oca Fair Trade Pty Limited ACN 147650682 of Level 5,99 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
  5. Mais Points means the credit held in your Account following your tuition feepayments or otherwise accumulated by you under these Terms and Conditions,which can be redeemed as described in clause 4.
  6. Mais Club Rewards means the customer loyalty program we designate assuch from time to time.

14. References

In these Terms and Conditions, reference to: “we” , “our” and “us” are references to Oca Fair Trade Pty Limited and references to “you” and “your” are references to the individual who has Registered as a Mais Club Rewards member, used any Membership Facilities such as a Mais Club Rewards card or who has sought to earn, access or use any Member Benefits.